OCV Fire water -Deluge Valve

OCV has a long history in providing control valves for fire protection systems. When fire breaks out, water flow is paramount. OCV Control Valves offers a complete line of high performance listed and approved valves-all designed to operate to spec. Our 74FC Deluge Control Valves are designed specifically to be used in deluge, pre-action, foam-water and other special systems. The 74FC Series is UL Listed for deluge service in globe pattern for sizes 3”through 10”. The 74FC Series is a simple on-off valve that utilizes an innovative oval design to optimize flow capacity,minimize head loss and provide accurately controlled closing and opening at all flows with drip-tight sealing. The 74FC valves can be readily adapted to perform numerous application functions but the most common are presented in this product overview. Feel free to contact us to discuss additional requirements.

Product Description