Social Responsibility & BBBEE

BBEEE Certificate

In March 2010 we had a full review done by PETRO SA, one of our top customers. Please refer to the BBBEE scorecard attached, which we scored a level three status. The DCM Group is a company that strives to operate on strong Christian work ethics and on the values of a socially responsible company. We endeavor to contribute to human and social upliftment programmes and have outlined the chosen social that we are involved in and financially committed to on a monthly basis.

Grace Family Church + LINC Church

Grace Church runs an extensive network of outreach programmes but largely are involved in container ministries carried out from donated products and food items from overseas blue chip companies and channeled to the needy and underprivileged communities of South Africa. We commit a percentage of our earnings to this project on a monthly basis as well as others through LINC and Grace.

The Matatiele Child Welfare Organisation

This well deserving organization (– NPO No 002-157) receives donations throughout the year from the DCM Group.

The Starfish Foundation

This is an AIDS support programme which we physically get involved in by offering man hours and financial support. For further details please refer to their website

Skills Development Programme

The DCM Group is not only committed to its communities but also to its staff on all levels of socio-economic upliftment, from performance bonuses to financing educational programmes and study opportunities through recognized institutions. We also offer interest free company loans for valid family unforeseen costs such as funerals, childrens education etc.