Additive Injection
Advantages of Hydramotion
Air Volume Boosters
Aircraft Refuelling Unit
Ampo Poyam Cryogenic Valves
Ampo Poyam Valves
Ampo Poyam Valves Referene List
Angle ‘A’ Type Needle Valve
Application Fast Form
Aviation Fuel Loading
Aviation & Fuelling Valves
B10F Ball Valve
B10M Ball Valve
B6BI Ball Valve
B6BLX50 Diversion Valve
B6F Ball Valve
B6M Ball Valve
B6SLX50 Diversion Valve
Blending and Metering System
Block and Bleed Valve
Bursting Disk
Bursting Disk Technical Information
Bursting Disks for the Mining Industry
Bursting Disks for the Oil and Gas Industry
Bursting Disks for the Plastic Industry
Bursting Disks for the Power Industry
Butterfly Valve Tee Assembly
Chemical Loading
Chemical Scrubber System - PPT-24
Chemical Vapour Scrubber - SST-20
Compression ‘BI’ Type Needle Valve
Control Valve
Cool Sorption
Vapour Recovery Units
D Type Forged DBB
Flow Metering Skids
Vapour & Odor Scrubbers
Display - Light and sounder
DOROT Deluge Valve
Dorot GAER Fire protection Valves
Dual-Line 6-Digit Process Meter
Electric actuators
Ex Process Digital display
Explosion Proof Alam announciator LDS8-158
Explosion Proof Digital Displays
Explosion Vents & Panels
F Type Forged DBB
Female ‘F’ Type Needle Valve
Filter regulators
Finetek Level
Finetek Mag Flow
Fire Protection Valves
Fire Safe Ball Valve
Fire Safe ‘FS’ Type Needle Valve
Flame Arrestor -End of Line
Flame arrestor End of Line - IIC
Flexim Data Analysis
Flexim F401
FLEXIM - Product catalogue
Flexim Refinery
Flexim SIL
4 Beam liquid & gas
Flexim Ultrosonic flow - Chemical Industry
Compressed Air
Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Cryogenic
Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - F501
FLEXIM Ultrosonic Flow - Hazardious area
Low Flow
Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Mass Flow
FLEXIM Ultrosonic Flow measurment - Refinery
Flow Measurment Services
Flexim Ultrosonic Flow meters
Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Natural Gas
Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Portable F401 for water
Flexim Ultrosonic flow - Sulphric acid
Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Up Stream
Flexim - Waste Water flow
Flexim - WE for water
Flow Computer
Flow Testing - Oil, Gas & Chemical
Flowmec - Basket strainer
Flowmec - Batch controller
Flowmec - Chemical PD meter
Flowmec - Insertion flow meter
Flowmec - Large capacity flow meter
Flowmec - RT12 Totaliser
Flowmec - RT40 totaliser
Flowmec - Small Flow PD Meter
Flowmec - Totaliser battery powered
Flowmec - Turbine flow meter
Flowmec - Y Strainer
Fuel Transfer Pumps & Flow Meters
Fusible Link
G12AF Gauge Valve
G12FF Gauge Valve
G12FM Gauge Valve
G12MF Gauge Valve
Gauge Bleed Valve GB1
Gauge Vent Valve GV1
H33 Needle Valve Manifold
Hazardous Area Classifications
Heavy Duty Actuators
Heavy Duty ‘HD’ Type Needle Valve
High performance butterfly valves
High-Pressure Distribution Manifold (DM)
Horizontal PD Flow Meters
Hydramotion Viscosity Flyer
Hydramotion XL Series Viscometer
ID Type Instrument DBB Valves
In-line Viscosity Measurement
IN Type Instrument DBB Valves
JLA Marine Loading Arms - Cryogenic Service
Kubler Level Gauge
L Type Instrument DBB Valve
Lecore Bi-Directional Flame Arrestors
LECORE Deflagration Flame Arrestors
lecore emergency pressure vent
LECORE End Of Line Flame Arrestor
Lecore Inline Detonation Arrestors
Lecore short form
LECORE Valves - Short Form
Limit Switches
Loading arms
Lock-up Valve
Loop Powered Displays
Low-Pressure Air Header (AH)
Low-pressure Bursting Disks
LPB1 Ball Valve
LPB3 Ball Valve
LPG Loading arms
magnetic level indicator
Male ‘M’ Type Needle Valve
Marine Loading Arms
Master Flow Meters
Mechanical Level Gauge
Metering Systems for trucks
Mining Control Valves
Multi Channel Display
Multi Extension Gauge Valve (GM1 EXT)
Multi-Gauge Valve GM1
N Type Forged DBB
Namur Mount Solenoids
NETRIS - Remote Monitoring
NOVAC Absorption Scrubber -1000-2000
Novac Absorption Scrubber - VAC750
OCV-Aviation Fueling Valves
OCV Dorot Fire Protection Valves
OCV Fire Protection
OCV Fire water -Deluge Valve
OCV Fuel Terminal Valves
OCV Mining Valves
OCV Terminal Valves
OCV Water Works Valves
Oliver Sub Sea Valves
Our Customers
Overfill & Grounding
Overfill Prevention Controller
Oxegen Analyser
PD Data sheet - PD6000
PFA Lined Split Body Butterfly Valve
PFA Lined Ball valves
Pneumatic Actuators
Point-To-Point Wireless Bridge
Portable Liquid Level sensor
Positive Displacement Flow Meters
Pression Digital Displays - overview
Process Alarm Scanner
Process Viscosity Application Sheet
Projects & Engineering - EPC
Projects – Flow meter skids
Rack & Pinion Actuators
Rail Car Loading
Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve
Custody Transfer Flow Meters
Satam PD Flow Meters - Aviation
Satam PD Flow Meters - Fuel Terminal DEPOT_MARKET
Satam PD meters - Over view
Grounding for Tanker Loading
SCULLY - Overfill Prevention
Tank overfill Prevention
Scully Petroleum Industry
Scully Rack Tester
Scully Spare
Selector Ball Valve
Static Grounding
T Type Instrument DBB Valve
T34 Needle Valve Manifold
Tank Bottom Valves
Tank Breather and Emergency Protection Valves
Tank Overfill Prevention
Wireless Automatic Tank Gauging 
Truck Mounted Scrubber System - VTS36-500
Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
TRUNNION Mounted Metal Seat Ball Valves
Ultrasonic flow & Concentration
Ultrosonic Flow - Portable
V Port Ball Valves
Valves & Actuators
Valves for Water
Vapour Absorption Scrubber - 550-304S
VAREC - Mechanical Level Indicator
Veeder Root
Vertical PD Flow Meters
Water Control Valves
Wireless Multi Point
Wireless transmitters - LDSW30
XL7-100 Flanged
Y24 Needle Valve Manifold
Y25 Needle Valve Manifold
Y33 Needle Valve Manifold
Y34 Needle Valve Manifold
Y35 Needle Valve Manifold
Y52 Needle Valve Manifold
Y53 Needle Valve Manifold
Y54 Needle Valve Manifold
YV33 Needle Valve Manifold
YV34 Needle Valve Manifold
Zook Rupture Disks