Overfill & Grounding

The most advanced terminal overfill prevention and ground verification system available.

  • The only control system that offers overfill prevention, static grounding, and vehicle identification all-in-one unit
  • The ultimate in terminal loading safety with a patented design that continuously monitors the relay contacts—for petroleum and chemical loading racks
  • Incorporates Dynacheck® Dynamic Self Checking® circuitry for overfill prevention, ensuring that every critical component is automatically and continuously checked for maximum loading safety
    • This includes the control unit, wiring, and sensor circuitry, and should a fault be detected, it signals a loading shutdown to prevent product from overfilling
  • Over 15 years of proven performance in the field—the number one choice worldwide

Product Description

  • Automatic detection of two-wire optic/thermistor or five-wire optic vehicle sensors
  • Monitoring of up to 8 two-wire or 15 five-wire vehicle sensors
  • Complete visual diagnostic display of overfill sensor’s status as well as vehicle static grounding conditions; will not permit loading under any fault or wet sensor condition
  • A vehicle identification module is available, which reads the truck-mounted vehicle identification T.I.M.® module and important vehicle data. Loading can be prevented based on specific criteria, which the terminal determines such as insurance, certifications, and billing
  • Complete compatibility with Scully Intellicheck® and load-anywhere, on-board systems
  • Easy connection to vehicles with rugged high-impact Scully plug and cable units (order separately)