Vapour Recovery

– Pressure and Vacuum Relief Vents
– Emergency Relief Vent
– Flame and Detonation Arresters
– Tank Blanketing Valves
– Ancillary Tank Equipment

Cool Sorption

Cool Sorption A/S is a well-known Danish company, founded in 1982 and a pioneer in the VRU industry. Cool Sorption has been a dedicated supplier of Vapour Recovery solutions for over 35 years and a track record of more than 320 units installed worldwide.

Tank Overfill Prevention

Safe, reliable, high- and low-level warning and spill prevention system for storage tanks

  • The system incorporates Dynamic Self-Checking® circuitry which monitors the controller, wiring, connections, and sensors for faults 30 times per second for maximum safety
  • Sounds an audible alarm and/or controls pumps and valves for automatic shutdown when the sensors detect liquid or a fault in the system
  • As a high level warning and emergency shut-down system, it operates independently from your gauging system to ensure that inventory inaccuracies do not compromise the safety of your operation.
  • The sensors wired to a control unit provide high level detection for a wide variety of petroleum and chemical products
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The depot series inits are based on the une of rotary cane dry vacuum pump, and are available in a range of sizes, dependent on the loading capacity  of the terminal. The units cover seven standard sizes and we are confident that the range will fully meet the loading capacities of your terminals.