Tank Overfill Prevention

Safe, reliable, high- and low-level warning and spill prevention system for storage tanks

  • The system incorporates Dynamic Self-Checking® circuitry which monitors the controller, wiring, connections, and sensors for faults 30 times per second for maximum safety
  • Sounds an audible alarm and/or controls pumps and valves for automatic shutdown when the sensors detect liquid or a fault in the system
  • As a high level warning and emergency shut-down system, it operates independently from your gauging system to ensure that inventory inaccuracies do not compromise the safety of your operation.
  • The sensors wired to a control unit provide high level detection for a wide variety of petroleum and chemical products

Product Description

  • The WX System provides for the capability of alarms as well as controlling pumps and valves for immediate, automatic shutdown of product flow
  • Monitors from 3 –12 sensing points depending on model. Well suited for multiple fixed storage tank applications where individual display and/or output control is required.
  • Uses output sensors approved as intrinsically safe for use in Class I, Division 1, Group C, and D hazardous locations
  • Features NEMA 4 style watertight housings
  • Works in conjunction with either Scully field-proven thermistor or two-wire optic sensors