Oil & Gas

Additive Injection

A multipoint injection system The Equalled MPA injector controller is capable of controlling anything between 1 and 12 AIM additive injector blocks simultaneously or individually in any combination. MPA can accept pulses from the most basic of mechanical counters to today’s sophisticated flow computer. Sectors of application:  Additive injection during fuels truck loading Additives injection during preparation of aviation fuels Colouring and marking of heating oils and taxes reduced fuels Denaturizing of alcohol during biofuel preparation

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Aviation & Fuelling Valves

For more than 70 years, OCV Control Valves has manufactured and supplied hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, automatic control valves.  Our high quality control valves can be found throughout the world – from municipal water systems in the US, to Russian oil refineries, to irrigation systems in Europe.

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Aviation Fuel Loading

Protect your fueling operations with a complete line of Scully Liquid Safety Systems

  • No operator on top of the vehicle ensures reduced liabilities and lower insurance costs
  • Hatch remains closed, eliminating potential environmental and safety hazards
  • Replaces older mechanical jet level sensors or floats that can fail at any point with no detection
  • Dynacheck® Self-Checking circuitry means your Scully overfill prevention system checks itself 30 times per second to prevent human error, and if any sensor or component failure is detected, it automatically shuts down the operation
  • One connection does it all—overfill protection, static grounding, and Dead Man Control.
  • An Audio Interface Module with alarm is available for applications such as U.S. Navy Refueler and Defueler operations where an audio alert is required
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Blending and Metering System

Dedicated to your biofuels preparation ZCE25 is a complete metering system dedicated to blending control and to custody transfer measurements of end products and mixed components. Its best-in-class flow computer offers outstanding flexibility for use with blending systems. PD meters with integrated strainers and air eliminators ensure highly reliable measurements.

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Bursting Disks for the Oil and Gas Industry

ZOOK rupture disks are utilized throughout the entire exploration and production process of the oil and gas industry.

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Electric actuators

The Triac XC Series Actuators are CSA Certified Type 4, 4X, 6 & 7 for hazardous locations and meet UL 1203 standard. The actuators are rugged and reliable with powder coated anodized aluminum housing for use in Oil, Gas, Chemical & Power Gen applications. The XC Series is the perfect match for resilient or high-performance butterfly valves and dampers because of the self-locking, double reduction worm drive and torque switches. The XC Series is also ideal for ball, plug or any rotary valve requiring automation in a hazardous location.

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FLEXIM Ultrosonic Flow - Hazardious area

From wellhead to refinery, the flows of crude oil, natural gas and refined products need to be measured every step of the way. Harsh environments with corrosive atmospheres offshore or hot and dirty applications during crude oil refining require tough solutions.

Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Mass Flow

PIOX® S721 determines mass flow rate, concentration, density and other parameters by means of clamp-on ultrasonic transducers mounted on the outside of the pipe. The non-invasive acoustic technology is the system of choice when substances and processes place highest demands on safety and reliability.

Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Up Stream

Extracting oil and gas means handling enormous amounts of energy. High pressures and corrosive environments are often the norm. Operational safety is the first commandment, and efficient production is imperative. FLEXIM flow meters will help reduce your maintenance and leak points, while improving safety and efficiency.

FLEXIM Ultrosonic Flow measurment - Refinery

FLEXIM, a global leader in non-invasive Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

  • Highly innovative metering solutions for Liquids or Gases and within Process Analytics
  • Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with more than 400 employees globally
  • Strong competence centers in R&D and in-house production facilities
  • International presence with subsidiaries in Europe, USA, Asia, South America, Australia
    and Middle East aside a wide network of partner companies
Fusible Link

For emergency shutdown in case of fire and high temperature atmosphere.

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High performance butterfly valves

POWER-SEAL High Performance Butterfly Valves  ANSI/ASME Class 150 and 300

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Mechanical Level Gauge

Float and Tape Gauges Simple, Safe and Reliable Inventory-Grade Level Measurement Float and tape gauges, also known as “automatic tank gauges”, have been in the marketplace for over 90 years. This tried and true method works by using a large float inside the tank attached to a negator spring via a perforated tape. The negator spring provides constant tension, which balances the float on the liquid. The liquid level in the tank is displayed on the gauge counter or indicated on the gauge board.

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OCV Terminal Valves

For more than 70 years, OCV Control Valves has manufactured and supplied hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, automatic control valves.  Our high quality control valves can be found throughout the world – from municipal water systems in the US, to Russian oil refineries, to irrigation systems in Europe.

Overfill Prevention Controller

Multiple-Point, Optic-Sensing Overfill Prevention Control Unit

  • Interfaces with five-wire optic sensors
  • Used, typically for bottom and top-loading of tank vehicles
  • Mounted at the loading rack/gantry and connects to the vehicle via the Scully plug and cable assembly (sold separately).
  • Features Dynacheck® circuitry for automatic and continuous self-checking of all system components
  • For vehicle ground/earth verification options, consult Scully for information on the Groundhog Self-Proving Grounding System.
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PFA Lined Split Body Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves cover a wide range of industries from General Purpose to Chemical, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Waste Water applications and more. A-T Controls Butterfly Valves are designed to comply with MSS-SP-67 and API-609 and are tested to comply with API-598 standards. They are compatible with ANSI 125/150 flanges.

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Portable Liquid Level sensor

For overfill prevention in single compartment tank vehicles.

  • Single point sensors used in numerous top-loading applications such as rail cars and hazardous liquid tank vehicles.
  • Intended for use with Scully overfill prevention control monitors- (ST-15 models) which feature Dynacheck® circuitry that monitors the sensor, wiring, connections and its own operation 30 times per second
  • Sensor is inserted into the tank compartment and an adjustable clamp or coupling allows you to determine the sensing level and holds the sensor in place
  • Will not permit loading under any fault or wet sensor conditions
  • Each model has an adjustable clamp or coupling, depending on its intended use
  • Specific models available for unheated or heated liquids
  • Available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Units with connection cables that detach from the rack location are also available
  • Hang at the rack location or elsewhere when not in use
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Rail Car Loading

Since 1935 Scully has been setting standards in tank filling safety. Our systems provide static grounding protection, prevent spills, and ensure safe loading in everything from rail tank cars, tank trucks, and storage tanks. There are a number of different options available to ensure safe transfer of hazardous liquids into rail tank cars.

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Scully Petroleum Industry

80 years of experience in spill prevention and fuel transfer operations.

Scully Signal Company is a leading engineering and manufacturing company that pioneered equipment for the safe and efficient storage, transportation, and fueling operations in the petroleum industry. Since 1936, Scully has been designing and manufacturing systems for top- and bottom-loading petroleum terminals, tank trailers/road tankers, railcars, and storage tanks.

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Tank Overfill Prevention

Safe, reliable, high- and low-level warning and spill prevention system for storage tanks

  • The system incorporates Dynamic Self-Checking® circuitry which monitors the controller, wiring, connections, and sensors for faults 30 times per second for maximum safety
  • Sounds an audible alarm and/or controls pumps and valves for automatic shutdown when the sensors detect liquid or a fault in the system
  • As a high level warning and emergency shut-down system, it operates independently from your gauging system to ensure that inventory inaccuracies do not compromise the safety of your operation.
  • The sensors wired to a control unit provide high level detection for a wide variety of petroleum and chemical products
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Valves & Actuators

A-T Controls is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of manual & automated process valves for all types of industries.

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