Aviation & Fuelling Valves

For more than 70 years, OCV Control Valves has manufactured and supplied hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, automatic control valves.  Our high quality control valves can be found throughout the world – from municipal water systems in the US, to Russian oil refineries, to irrigation systems in Europe.

  • Relief Valve: Limits inlet pressure by relieving excess pressure
  • Pressure Sustaining: Prevents inlet pressure from dropping below a predetermined minimum
  • Operates over a wide flow range
  • Inlet pressure is adjustable with a single screw
  • Quick opening; adjustable closing speed
  • Can be maintained without removal from the line
  • Factory tested and can be pre-set to requirements

Product Description

Model 119-5 Filter Separator Rate Flow/Shut-Off Valve

Model 119-5 Filter Separator Rate Flow/Shut-Off Valve

This 6” Model 119-5 Filter Separator Rate Flow/Shut-Off Valve limits the flow rate through the filter separator and is working in conjunction the Model 800D side mounted float pilot that is installed on the vessel to shut off the flow on high water level.

The Model 108-2 has a wide range of applications: anywhere a system must be protected from pressures that are too high (relief) or too low (sustaining). Typical applications include pump systems and fuel distribution systems.