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The DCM group Projects and engineering division Provides full EPCM Services For site construction projects, which includes Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and instrumentation disciplines.

DCM’s Main focus is on the petrochemical industry, related to terminals and depots. We have become a specialist in providing Vapour Recovery Systems, Flow metering skids, and related equipment for upstream and downstream applications, Which are all Manufactured, AssembledAnd tested in our factory.

The Projects & Engineering Division Provides the management of complete turnkey projects, from the design phase, all the way through to manufacturing, on site construction, FAT, supply, SAT, commissioning, training and maintenance.

DCM has installed, commissioned and set up service level agreements with the likes of BP, BP Aviation, Engen, Total, Sasol and Vopak throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

For more detailed information on our projects, please request the Projects & Engineering catalogue from DCM.

Custody Transfer Flow Meters

The SATAM proven technology Positive Displacement meter (PD meter) is a system with freemoving blades used to measure white petroleum products such as fuels, bio-fuels and refined liquid hydrocarbons. It’s simple design using only two pairs of blades and one moving rotor
means The Satam PD meter is exceptionally robust and also generates significant savings on maintenance costs as the meter boasts outstanding metering accuracy and stability

Flow Metering Skids

The Projects and Engineering division was formed in 1998 based on request and made from customers to supply a complete solution. This included custom built solutions from design, fabrication, factory testing, installation on site and commissioning. This was easy to implement as DCM already had a 1200m2 factory with welding, milling, machining CNC equipment. The factory has been in place for the last 18 years and use to manufacturing the Lecore tank valve products. DCM’s primary focus is customised skid manufacture for automation equipment in the Petro Chemical industry.

Grounding for Tanker Loading

Scully Signal Company is a leading engineering and manufacturing company that pioneered equipment for the safe and efficient storage, transportation, and fuelling operations in the petroleum industry. Since 1936, Scully has been designing and manufacturing systems for top- and bottom-loading petroleum terminals, tank trailers/road tankers, railcars, and storage tanks.

Loading arms

The Company headquarter and manufacturing facilities is located in Bologna Italia and has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of loading arms. Zip Fluid specialises in providing customised loading solutions for the Petro Chemical, Oil and & Gas industry. These included stand-alone loading station with mass flow meter, batch controller and pump to hot bitumen, hazardous area installation, to LPG, solvents, chemicals, acids, caustic, polymers and fully automated loading system. Some examples of these applications are shown below.

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Projects & Engineering - EPC

Vapour recovery is the process of recovering the vapours of gasoline or other fuels, so that they do not escape into the atmosphere. DCM represents Cool Sorption who are the world leaders in vapour recovery technology. They provide a full turnkey solution from design, supply, installation, commission and service support

Tank overfill Prevention

Scully liquid detection and transfer products are in use in some 80+ countries, and its customers include private and state oil companies, airlines, refineries, and petrochemical companies such as: Exxon/Mobil, Shell Oil, AGIP, Indian Oil, BP Oil, Kuwait National Petroleum, PEMEX, Saudi Aramco, Kinder Morgan, Chevron, Buckeye Pipeline, Sasol, Engen Petronas, Vopak, Total, Puma Energy, Vivo Energy and thousands of other major and independent oil companies.

Vapour & Odor Scrubbers

Introducing the most revolutionary vapor phase adsorber on the market. The NOVAC 750 adsorber is unique in that it does not require on-site carbon removal service to remove spent carbon. With only a forklift, the unit may be lifted a few feet and the spent carbon may be emptied via bottom lever valve into bulk bags (or other container) for disposal. From the time carbon is spent, the unit may be emptied and refillid in 15 minutes.

Vapour Recovery Units

The Depot SeriesTM vapour recovery units is a range of fully standardised units for small and medium sized installations – typically truck loading facilities. After delivery to site, the new vapour recovery unit can often be installed and commissioned in 8-10 working days. Cool Sorption has more than 35 years of experience and a record covering more than 320 VRUs installed worldwide.

Wireless Automatic Tank Gauging