Waste Water

Flexim - Waste Water flow

Sustainability and responsibility are two ways that remind us that every drop of water pumped out of the ground, or collected in a reservoir comes at a price, and brings potential for revenue.

Flexim - WE for water

There is no method of zero drift correction for our instruments – because they just don’t drift. This also applies to the WD Series that is installed without zero calibration and remains drift-free, permanently. FLEXIM is the only company that accomplishes this, thanks to its unique
combination of matched piezo-transducers and advanced factory calibration.

Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Portable F401 for water

The FLUXUS® F401 is the ideal flow meter for long-term measurement campaigns in the field. Depending on the programmed measurement interval the FLUXUS® F401 can operate autonomously for several months. This makes it suitable for leak detection campaigns and hydraulic studies, where regular measurements are needed over a longer period of time, but it is not planned to install a permanent ultrasound flow meter

OCV Water Works Valves

The S300 state-of-the-art automatic control valves are designed to withstand the most demanding requirements of water system control. Our experts developed this technically advanced valve with capabilities – far beyond any other on the market. The capability to regulate near zero flow, as standard on all sizes, eliminates the need for a special low flow device (throttling plug) or valve, while ensuring very low head loss in “fully open” position

Valves & Actuators

A-T Controls is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of manual & automated process valves for all types of industries.

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Water Control Valves

OCV offers a wide variety of waterworks control valve designs, engineered to meet the entire spectrum of water utility system requirements. By controlling pressure, rate of flow, and surge and pump control, engineers and specifiers rely on our valves to help improve the efficiency of both supply and distribution. OCV also specializes in altitude control valves to service elevated water tanks and digital control valves to interface with high-level SCADA systems.


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