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Water Control Valves

OCV offers a wide variety of waterworks control valve designs, engineered to meet the entire spectrum of water utility system requirements. By controlling pressure, rate of flow, and surge and pump control, engineers and specifiers rely on our valves to help improve the efficiency of both supply and distribution. OCV also specializes in altitude control valves to service elevated water tanks and digital control valves to interface with high-level SCADA systems.


Product Description

The 65 is dependable and hardworking; with a simplicity of design that ensures minimal part wear for exceptional performance and longevity. Self-contained, the valve operates automatically off line pressure.

The 65 consists of three major components: body, bonnet and diaphragm assembly.


  • Operates automatically off line pressure.
  • Heavy-duty, nylon-reinforced diaphragm isolates top chamber operating pressure from bottom chamber line pressure.
  • Rectangular-shaped, soft seat seal provides drip-tight Class VI closure.
  • Diaphragm assembly guided top and bottom.
  • Throttling seat retainer for flow and pressure stability.
  • Easily maintained without removal from the line.
  • Diaphragm replaced without removing internal stem assembly.
  • Replaceable seat ring.
  • Alignment pins assure proper reassembly after maintenance.
  • Centre-tapped bonnet facilitates installation of position indicator or valve-actuated switches.
  • Ductile iron and steel valves are epoxy- coated inside and out, for maximum corrosion protection.
  • Valves are factory tested.
  • Valves are serial numbered and registered to facilitate replacement parts and factory support.

The OCV Series 125 and 126 Pump Control Valves are designed to effectively eliminate the surges associated with the starting and stopping of the pump. Electrically interfaced with the pump motor, the valve opens and closes at an adjustable speed, providing a smooth, predictable transition of pump discharge pressure and volume into the system.

Pump Control Valves