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Advantages of Hydramotion

No special preparation needed prior to installation. Bolt in, connect the power supply and the instrument is ready for use. This is true for all Hydramotion transducers, even the very high temperature versions — these are air-cooled and require no special cooling pipework.

Hydramotion Viscosity Flyer

All Hydromotion viscometers have a single solid-rod sensor which means viscocity by simple insertion. The sensor is an all-welded crevice-free construction with no seals or bearings that can wear out or fail in service.

Hydramotion XL Series Viscometer

As respected leaders, Hydramotion has created the products that define modern industrial viscometry.

This is no accident, it’s in our DNA. The design team led by CEO, John Gallagher, is founded on a core of engineering and physics and has a long history of groundbreaking innovation. The philosophy of challenging and questioning everything drives our design logic, and feeds product innovation.

In-line Viscosity Measurement


Reliable and rapid in-line viscosity measurement is a vital tool for continuous product control. The purpose is to eliminate sampling with its potential for errors.

Unlike periodic sampling, continuous monitoring provides instant feedback of product changes so the process can be optimised in real-time.
This drives up product consistency and quality whilst minimising waste.

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Process Viscosity Application Sheet

Application Sheet

XL7-100 Flanged


  • high sensitivity over wide range
  • simple tank or pipeline installation
  • high on-line accuracy and repeatability
  • no moving parts – no maintenance