LNG Cryogenic

Ampo Poyam Cryogenic Valves

AMPO has been involved in many large international projects, supplying not only the product but expertise in project management, finance of highvalue projects and logistical expertise to ensure trouble-free and on-time delivery of quality products. AMPO has been entrusted with the largest international projects by the world’s leading engineering construction companies

Ampo Poyam Valves Referene List
Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Cryogenic

Since 2008 FLEXIM’s unique non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters have been running in various LNG applications: from 3” lines in peak shaving plants to 36” pipes for tanker off-loading to storage tanks.

Flexim Ultrosonic Flow - Natural Gas

FLUXUS® measures flow rates non-invasively with ultrasound. Clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe. The practical advantages are obvious: no wear and tear by the medium flowing inside the pipe, no risk of leakage and fugitive gas emissions, no pressure loss and, above all, never any interruption of production or supply.

JLA Marine Loading Arms - Cryogenic Service

Cryogenic products are liquids with extreme low temperatures. JLA define liquids as Cryogenic liquids when they have boiling points below – 50 °C.

Oliver Sub Sea Valves

Multi-award winning Oliver Valvetek has provided engineered-to-order gate valves, ball valves, needle valves and instrumentation products for subsea completions worldwide since its conception in 1994.

Together with its sister companies Oliver Valves and Oliver Twinsafe Valves, Valvetek is experienced in providing extensive field-proven flexible subsea valves for oil and gas applications from extraction through to processing. We are fully familiar with the requirements of the National, Major and Independent Oil and Gas Operators, Contractors and OEM’s throughout the world.

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