Oliver Sub Sea Valves

Multi-award winning Oliver Valvetek has provided engineered-to-order gate valves, ball valves, needle valves and instrumentation products for subsea completions worldwide since its conception in 1994.

Together with its sister companies Oliver Valves and Oliver Twinsafe Valves, Valvetek is experienced in providing extensive field-proven flexible subsea valves for oil and gas applications from extraction through to processing. We are fully familiar with the requirements of the National, Major and Independent Oil and Gas Operators, Contractors and OEM’s throughout the world.

Product Description

Subsea Gate Valves

Multi-award winning Oliver Valvetek has become renown globally for engineered-to-precision subsea gate valves



Subsea Needle Valves

Oliver Valvetek Limited manufactures a range of ‘small bore’ subsea needle valves, from 0.25″ [6mm] bore to 1.00″ [25mm] bore. These needle …



Subsea Ball Valves

Oliver Valvetek manufactures a range of ‘small bore’ subsea ball valves, from 0.38″ [10mm] bore to 0.75″ [20mm] bore. These ball valves typi…


Subsea Check Valves

The Oliver Valvetek 3/8″ Check Valve is ideally suited for hydraulic control operations. The Oliver Valvetek 3/4″ and 1″ Check Valve is i…


Subsea Relief Valves

The Oliver Valvetek Subsea Relief Valves have a cracking pressure of 10 psi to 20 psi and a reverse sealing pressure of up to 5,000psi. Our …


Receptacles and Position Indication Systems

Oliver Valvetek frequently supply ROV receptacles and position indication system for use with our own valves and other subsea equipment such…