Blending and Metering System

Dedicated to your biofuels preparation ZCE25 is a complete metering system dedicated to blending control and to custody transfer measurements of end products and mixed components. Its best-in-class flow computer offers outstanding flexibility for use with blending systems. PD meters with integrated strainers and air eliminators ensure highly reliable measurements.

Product Description

Sectors of application: 

In-line or batch blending for bio-fuels preparation

Trucks and rail tanks loading control

System for lubricating oil preparation

System for heavy fuel oil viscosity adjustment

Key Points: 

Measurement accuracy independent of liquids viscosity changes

Robust and reliable measuring system design

Metering systems are completely assembled, wired and tested in the production facility in order to ensure a maximum reliability

Strainer and air eliminator integrated

Measurement accuracy guaranteed over a period of many years without any deviation in the calibration curve

Main technical data: 

Accuracy: < ± 0.15%

Repeatability: < ± 0.02 %

Maximum flow rate: 250 m3/h

Viscosity: <800cSt

Measured liquids: oils, fatty acids methyl ester, ethanol, biodiesel, biofuels, fuels

Meter : PD meter model ZC17 or other Satam meter

Valve : digital control valve

Gas elimination device: included

Flow computer: Equalis for digital control valve command, corrected volume and mass calculation, dosing valve command, safety device management, secure logging of transaction data