PFA Lined Split Body Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves cover a wide range of industries from General Purpose to Chemical, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Waste Water applications and more. A-T Controls Butterfly Valves are designed to comply with MSS-SP-67 and API-609 and are tested to comply with API-598 standards. They are compatible with ANSI 125/150 flanges.

Product Description

AS Series butterfly valves are PFA lined (encapsulated) for superior corrosion resistance against severe chemicals and corrosive services.

  • Bi-directional, bubble tight shut-off
  • Rated to 150 psi
  • Standard 17-4PH® stem
  • Live-loaded packing
  • Blow out proof stem
  • 2-piece wafer of lug bodies are epoxy coated
  • Resilient back up liner
  • Multiple safety seals
  • Operating Temp: 20°F to 335°F
  • Sizes 2-12″ (CF for 14-24″)

These valves hold CRNs (Canadian Registration Numbers). Use the search bar on our site to access the CRN certificates; search “CRN”.