Bursting Disks for the Oil and Gas Industry

ZOOK rupture disks are utilized throughout the entire exploration and production process of the oil and gas industry.

Product Description


The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry is the essential first step in the entire extraction and refining process. ZOOK recognizes that upstream applications have a significant degree of complexity. Our engineering experts have solved many customer problems by finding and designing the optimum solution. In drilling applications, ZOOK offers rupture disk devices for both pressure activation and pressure relief. Upstream processes such as drilling, fracking, perforating, case protectors, sulphur recovery units and many more applications present opportunities for rupture disks to be applied.

  • Overpressure protection within the casing, drill string or downhole tool
  • Pressure activation of equipment or tools
  • Hydraulic fracking
  • Perforation guns
  • Testing of the tubing string
  • Pressure vessels ie. towers, knock out drums, heat exchangers, separators, accumulators, flare stacks, sulfur recovery units, etc.
  • Downhole applications with customized backpressure support
  • Wellhead protection
  • Cementing
  • Pipeline Pumps


Midstream activities involve transporting and storing the oil/natural gas in preparation for the refining process. The most common method of transportation are pipelines used to transport product. To move oil/natural gas by means of pipelines involves long distances which requires the use of high pressures and extreme amounts of compression. Rupture disks such as PB, union type disk holders and D series can be used on separators, gas production skids, well head protection and heater treaters, these are just a few applications.


In downstream, the oil and natural gas are processed to refine them into usable products. In refineries and petrochemical plants, a variety of pressure relief devices are required for separator towers, accumulators, flare stacks, sulphur recovery units, isolating SRV’s, etc. The products recommended for these applications are: reverse acting disks, scored reverse acting disks and scored forward acting disks.

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