Electric actuators

The Triac XC Series Actuators are CSA Certified Type 4, 4X, 6 & 7 for hazardous locations and meet UL 1203 standard. The actuators are rugged and reliable with powder coated anodized aluminum housing for use in Oil, Gas, Chemical & Power Gen applications. The XC Series is the perfect match for resilient or high-performance butterfly valves and dampers because of the self-locking, double reduction worm drive and torque switches. The XC Series is also ideal for ball, plug or any rotary valve requiring automation in a hazardous location.

Product Description

WE/XE/SE Series: Weather Proof, Explosion Proof, & Submersible Electric Actuators

WE Series (weather-proof) and XE Series (explosion-proof) electric actuators are specially designed for quarter-turn operating applications such as Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Plug valves, Dampers and similar valve automation usages.

  • WE Weather-proof – CSA Approved; TYPE 4 & 4X; Torques 350 – 80,000 In-lbs.
  • XE Explosion-proof – ATEX/IECEx Certified Ex d IIB T4 Gb, IP67; Torques 500 – 25,900 In-Lbs.
  • SE Submersible – Type 4, 4X, & 6; IP68 (10m 72hr)

Call us for options if your application requires an actuator with fireproof housing (FE Series).

Models to Note:
The WE-350 model is specifically designed to operate small size ball valves (1” and less), dampers and other quarter-turn devices.

The WE-500 and XE-500 electric actuators have a compact design, ideal for use with small ball valves (2” and smaller), dampers and other quarter-turn devices. They are compact and light due to high grade aluminum alloy housing.  The hard-anodizing finish on the enclosure with polyester powder coating on the exterior surface equips this actuator with high resistance to corrosion. This actuator is the clear choice when a compact, efficient electric actuator is required!

FSE Series: Fail Safe Spring Return & BFS Series: Battery Backup Actuators

The TRIAC® FSE Series spring return electric failsafe actuator features a reliable clutching mechanism for spring failure. This spring engagement mechanism design provides for extended cycle life.

  • Fail-safe Spring Return Electric Actuators for mechanical failure
  • Torques up to 2300 in-lbs
  • Corrosion resistant IP67, Type 4X construction
  • 110/120 VAC/1PH standard motor, or 220/240 VAC/1PH motor option
  • 24 VDC or 24VAC/1PH (available for FSE on/off models)
  • Optional manual override

The TRIAC® BFS Series battery failsafe electric actuator features a sealed lead-acid (VRLA) battery with capacity for five cycles following loss of power. The battery recharges automatically when re-energized. The actuator is configurable to either fail close or fail open on loss of power supply.

  • Battery Backup Fail-safe Electric Actuators for Emergency Shutdown Applications
  • Torques up to 2640 in-lbs
  • Corrosion resistant housing and enclosure Type 4, 4X & 6, IP65
  • 110/120 VAC/1PH standard motor, or 220/240 VAC/1PH motor option
  • Sealed, maintenance-free, rechargeable battery
  • Manual override with handwheel