Horizontal PD Flow Meters

compact and robust metering unit The ZCE6 metering system is designed for road and railcar tanker loading stations with top or bottom loading configuration. The compact horizontal measuring unit is ideal for easy installation in smaller facilities.

Product Description

Sectors of application: 

  • Road tanker and railcar loading meters
  • Bio-fuel preparation with online or batch blending
  • White product and bio-fuel measurement


Key Points: 

  • Simple and robust construction with minimal moving mechanical components
  • Compact metering system for installation in smaller areas
  • Metering system supplied fully assembled and tested in the factory to ensure maximum reliability
  • Measurement accuracy guaranteed for many years without deviation in the calibration curve
  • Extensive line of accessories offering customized measurement applications

Main technical data: 

  • Accuracy volume: < ± 0.15% – Option < ± 0.1%
  • Repeatability volume: ≤±0.02%
  • Maximum flowrate : 250 m3/h – 4166 L/mn
  • Measured liquids: Petrol, premium fuels, diesel, E5…E85, bio-diesel, ethanol, methanol, kerosene, fatty acid methyl ester, oils
  • Strainer – Gas elimination device: included
  • Meter: PD meter ZC17
  • Flow register: mechanical register with pre set*, printer*, pulser* (* : option) or Equalis electronic register with display, secure archiving of transactions