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OCV Fire Protection

OCV Fire Protection Valves:

  • Are hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated and manufactured in sizes 1/2” to 40” in both globe and angle designs. UL Listed designs available 1/2” to 12”.
  • Provide reliable and comprehensive solutions for all applications – from basic fire suppression systems to the most demanding fire protection applications.
  • Are designed with flexibility in mind, readily adaptable to perform numerous functions including, but not limited to pneumatic, electric and hydraulic deluge, pressure control, pressure relief, thermal expansion relief, automatic level control, and more. Custom solutions can be designed and engineered for more challenging applications.
  • Provide solutions in various fire protection applications such as tunnels, storage, hangars & terminals, high-rise buildings, and more. The valves are specially designed to be utilized in hazardous offshore and onshore locations, and/or corrosive environments such as refineries, offshore platforms, power generation plants, etc., as well as applications in extreme climates.
  • Are designed for use in deluge spray systems, pre-action systems, pressure regulating, water level control, hydrants and monitors (water, foam and seawater fire protection valves).
  • Are manufactured in a variety of materials such as Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex, Bronze, Cast Steel and Ductile Iron. Valves can be specially finished with a seawater coating and/or a high built, fusion bonded epoxy with a protective topcoat for those highly corrosive environments.

Product Description

DCM Supplies OCV Fluid Solutions, a subsidiary of MAT Holding Group, is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, automatic control valves. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality control valves to a range of industries, including Waterworks, Fire Protection, Fueling and Commercial Plumbing. Exemplifying superior service, our expertly trained staff is available to assist with the seemingly simplest of needs to the more complex custom solutions required for challenging applications.

With a commitment to excellence, OCV guarantees state-of-the-art engineering, competitive pricing, and high quality service and professionalism. Our valves can be found in nearly every country in the world, within a variety of markets and in a multitude of applications.

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