LECORE End Of Line Flame Arrestor

As breather/venting safety device incorporating an explosion proof flame arrester element for installation on top of storage tanks, tank access covers or breather pipes. The breather allows the unimpeded flow of gases out to atmosphere and air into the tank/pipe thereby preventing vacuum locks whilst ensuring provision of a permanent and reliable protection against any flashback into the tank/pipe. This device is not permitted to be installed in enclosed areas.

Approved for all materials of the explosion group IIB3 with a maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) ≥ 0.65.

Certification: ATEX and international standards
Size range: 1” to 12” (25 mm – 300 mm)
Material: Carbon steel or stainless steel body with 316 Stainless steel element
End connections: ASME Class 150 – 600 / PN10 – PN100

Product Description

These devices help tanks that store flammable products, to breathe out flammable gases and breathe in clean air, unrestricted, and without any risk of atmospheric deflagrations entering the tank. They are called end-of-line deflagration or endurance-burning flame arresters. Each unit is equipped with a weather hood (cowl) and strainer, which prevent the penetration of rain, dirt and foreign objects.