Aircraft Refuelling Unit

Compact and reliable Satam aircraft refuelling units are designed for fuel dispensing of small airplanes and helicopters. They are perfectly tailored to the requirements for safety, reliability and accuracy specific to these applications. Satam aircraft refuelling unit can be equipped with a mechanical register and ticket printer or with electronic register for transactions data storage and a direct communication with the administration system.

Product Description

Sectors of application: 

Fuel distribution for aeroplanes and helicopters

Key Points: 

Metering set provided on a frame, fully assembled, wired and tested in factory

Robust and reliable construction with minimal mechanical components

Certified for fuel custody transfer according to international regulations and local Weight and Measures authorities

Certified for use in hazardous areas

Main technical data: 

Accuracy volume: < ± 0.15% – Option < ± 0.1%

Repeatability volume : < ± 0,02%

Delivery hose : 15 to 30 mL

Microfilter and water separator included

Grounding system with roller 15 mL