Mining Control Valves

For more than 70 years, OCV Control Valves has manufactured and supplied hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, automatic control valves.  Our high quality control valves can be found throughout the world – from municipal water systems in the US, to Russian oil refineries, to irrigation systems in Europe.

Product Description

Model 118HP-4 Surge Relief Valve Protects Pumps In The Mines

In this application, the OCV Model 118HP-4 Surge Relief Valve functions to sense the system for a surge and open in anticipation of the surge to protect the pumps when the pumps shut off.

Pump Control Valves in a Lead Mine

In this application, our pump control valve is removing flood waters from the lead mine that is 1200 feet underground.  The 6 pump control valves are pumping into a header to pump the water out of the mine.   The mine is flooded from level 8 down. This is level 6 and they have to get to level 13.

Reclaimed Water Supplied to Copper and Gold Mine

Copper and Gold Mine

In this application, reclaimed water is being supplied to a currently almost empty pit in a copper and gold mine.  There are three pumping stations in this part of the mine, each station has two trains and each train is composed of 3 pumps. Each train has OCV Model 118-4 control valves installed on it to prevent surges from occurring during power failure or sudden valve closure. Each of the 3 pumping stations are staggered at different elevations going up the hill to move the water gradually up the elevation.

Pump Control and Metering Valve in a Step Mine

In this application, our pump control and metering valve is installed in a pit draining system in a step mine pit containing over 160 feet of water. Water is being pumped from the mine into a reclamation center that is 250 feet up an incline. This application involves highly corrosive fluids, requiring special materials, such as 316 stainless steel, motorized ball valves and our Model 170L high pressure, high-capacity filter to protect the pilot system.