Chemical Loading

Chemical Static Grounding, Overfill Prevention and Identification Systems

Since 1935, Scully has been setting standards in tank filling safety. Our systems provide static grounding protection, prevent spills, and offer vehicle identification to ensure safe loading in everything from tank trailers/road tankers to rail cars and storage tanks.

What sets Scully systems apart? Our electronic overfill prevention systems automatically check the system status and their own internal circuitry 30 times per second for the ultimate in safety. No other system offers this level of safety. Scully systems are also known for their reliability. Scully spill prevention systems have been operating in chemical and petroleum applications for over 50 years and are unmatched in their safety record.

Product Description

Scully Systems offer:

  • Maximum safety with Automatic and Continuous Self-Checking®
  • Unrivaled dependability—the name most trusted by major chemical and oil companies worldwide
  • International agency approval certification for use in hazardous locations
  • High-pressure stainless steel liquid level sensors feature broad chemical and temperature compatibility and meet EN13922

Static Ground Proving Systems

The Scully Groundhog® Static Bonding Control Unit with Junction box and Grounding Plug or Clamp provides an electrical bond to ensure that the vehicle is at the same ground potential as the loading rack. Only Scully offers a special “smart” Ground Ball that when mounted on the tank vehicle, provides absolute assurance that the Grounding Control Unit is connected to the tank car. For tank trailers, railcars, storage tanks and other applications where the ball is not permanently mounted, a clamp is available. The clamp provides a resistance (non- self-proving) verification system.*

Overfill Prevention Systems

For extra loading safety, Scully also offers the ST-15 Overfill Prevention Control Unit and portable Cane Sensor for top loading spill protection. For multiple, single compartment tank vehicles, specify one Control Unit and Sensor per tank car. For multiple fixed storage tank applications, specify the ST-15WX storage tank overfill control unit and SP-O Sensors.

Vehicle Identification Systems
For situations where an Intellitrol® Overfill Prevention, Static Grounding, and Vehicle Identification control unit is mounted at the loading rack, vehicles can be outfitted with a T.I.M.® Identification Module to allow the loading facility to read the vehicle identification number and allow or prevent loading based on specific criteria like insurance, certifications, products hauled or stored, and billing.