Bursting Disks for the Mining Industry

Pressure Relief and Blasting Process Solutions

ZOOK is a global leader with over 90 years of manufacturing expertise of high quality metal & graphite rupture disks and other pressure relief products for the mining industry.

Product Description

ZOOK’s worldwide team of pressure relief experts recognize the challenges in providing safe and reliable rupture disks for the mining industry.

Our bursting disks work for applications like

  • Slurry Applications
  • Blasting operations
  • Leaching
  • Extraction
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Bulk Storage

A bursting disc, also known as a rupture disc is an ‘engineered weak spot’ in a pressurised system which will burst at a predetermined pressure and temperature. It functions in a manner similar to the way a fuse functions in an electrical system. A bursting disc is used as a non-reclosing, fail-safe element to protect a system from overpressure damage or imploding due to excessive positive or vacuum pressures in liquid or gaseous systems.

See more information on disc metal types and disc materials below.