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Valves for Water

Product Description

NSF 61 & 372 Rated

A-T Controls’ NS Series floating ball valves and NS series butterfly valves are certified to meet the requirements of NSF 61 (Drinking Water System Components- Health Affects) and NSF 372 (Drinking Water System Components- Lead Content). This means that NS Series valves are certified for use (by Underwriters Laboratory) in water treatment, water purification, potable water, and water distribution systems and conforms with North American lead content requirements for “lead-free” plumbing.

These valves hold CRNs (Canadian Registration Numbers). Use the search bar on our site to access the CRN certificates; search “CRN”.

NS butterfly valves are available in sizes 2” – 24”, and have Class 150 wafer or lug flanges. (NS, NSP)

NS ball valves are available with threaded, socket weld, butt weld, Class 150, and Class 300 end connections. (NS20, NS22, NS55, NS90-F1, NSD9-F1, NSD9-F3)

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